Educator Training

This segment is linked to the improvement of education professionals and trainers through courses, workshops and seminars aimed at teachers, social educators and other agents working in the educational field.

The underlying proposal is to improve the skills and competencies of educators, enabling them to implement more inclusive and effective practices in their educational and cultural activities.

Online training 2024

The topics covered were: Art as a Human Right and Emancipatory Force, Diversity in Portinari's Work, Artistic Making: Restoration, Conservation, Preservation and Dissemination of Collections, Portinari Memories and Affections. The full program can be seen here and on the YouTube channel.

Online training 2023

The topics covered were: Portinari: Democracy and Education in Human Rights, Accessibility in Museum and Exhibition Spaces, Inclusive Approaches in Art and Education Actions, Portinari on the Island: the Portinarian Experience in Florianópolis, Portinari and the Brazilian Social Problematic, Poetic Foundations and Portinarian Poetics,

Portinari and the Discovery of Brodowski, Portinari: The Painter of Brazilian Peoples. See more in the article published by Agência Brasil, catalogued in the Periodical Article below:

In-person training

In this course, participants deepen their knowledge of the works in the year's exhibition by taking part in dynamic activities, enabling them to act as art educators and monitors. At the end of the course, they are included in our register of trainers for future exhibitions. It's a great opportunity for those who love culture and want to work in the field, providing an immersion in the Portinari world.


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